I was so thrilled to be asked to be a guest speaker on The TLC Podcast for their latest episode about Endometriosis. Venus and Natalie (@venuslibido and @nataliebyrne on Instagram) started their podcast ‘The Loneliness Collaboration’ to openly and honestly discuss topics that can have an effect on mental health. Venus has spoken on her social media platforms about her struggles with Endometriosis and I was so honoured to join the conversation and discuss my own story and what I have learnt over the years on this episode. We cover the struggles of not being listened to, the mental health impact of Endometriosis and much more.

It is my first time speaking on a podcast and I would love to hear your feedback! I would so appreciate if you could share the episode with anyone that may be affected by the issues raised. I really hope this episode can help anyone suffering with Endometriosis feel less alone, and educate others who may have loved ones going through it.

Just click the link below to listen :


Please note: I am sharing my personal experiences and opinions based on my journey with Endometriosis. I am not a medical professional and can not offer specific medical advice. If you think you may have Endometriosis please seek advice from your GP.


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