If you’ve been keeping an eye out for a post op update, apologies its taken so long! I finally sat down to write something and then thought it would be much easier to just make a video and have a proper chat! I ended up going on a full rant and telling all my embarrassing tales, so its basically like a typical chat I’d have with one of my girlfriends. Hopefully this will help you all to get to know me better, and I would love to hear your own stories and experiences so I don’t feel like I’m the only lunatic sharing stories like this with the world.

*please note this video includes details of a surgical nature*

I just want to also add, thank you to all the lovely people that took the time to message me over the last few months in the run up to my surgery and after. It really picked me up and made me feel so much better to have support from friends, family and strangers alike.


Until next  time..



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