When you picture your wedding morning, I’m sure you’re thinking about the excitement of getting ready with your girls. For some brides it’s a given who they choose to have in their bridal party, but there are lots of things to consider when picking your bride tribe. Budget (those dresses are not cheap), the size of your wedding and how many close friends and family you both have that you would like to include are important to keep in mind. Having those that know you best by your side will keep you calm and stress free on the day, and having a great time getting glam will set the tone for the day. Even on an ordinary day, if you have a stressful start it can be hard to shake so having a bridal party that are happy to take on tasks for you can really lighten the load. You want people that will be a positive influence on the day, so consider choosing friends and family that you can’t picture the day without, and who will have your back if there is a last minute panic about something.

Picking the brains of your friends that are already married or have been to lots of weddings for ideas and advice is a great idea. Most of us have never planned such a big party before, so extra guidance can be really helpful. That being said, it is important to make sure you stick to your gut feeling on big decisions and don’t let family politics or pressure from friends dictate who you have in your bridal party. I fully believe in trusting your heart over your head on this one because at the end of the day, they are going to be your confidants when you are worrying about seating arrangements, at the centre of all the pre wedding celebrations as well as taking on some tasks to help the big day run smoothly. Don’t pick someone to make anyone else happy because you have to feel comfortable with them helping you make tough choices with your budget and also knowing they won’t judge you when the inevitable bridezilla moment occurs and you lose your head over flower arrangements.  

When I got engaged I was lucky that it didn’t take much deliberation to decide on my bridal party. Nemanja and I discussed how many people we felt was suitable to have in each of our parties as we wanted to have the same amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen. There is no specific rules about the size of the wedding and bridal party being relative but we didn’t want to get carried away. It would look a little weird if all the ceremony seats were empty because we had all our guests at the altar with us! We wanted to keep our wedding on the small side so we decided on three bridesmaids and groomsmen each, and our siblings as our maid of honour and best man. My sister Ruth was a natural choice as she knows me better than anyone, gives great advice and she goes to a wedding every second week these days so she knows her stuff. I have two best friends that I went to school with who have been my ride or die girls, that have been with me through breakups, makeups, and pretty much all my major life ups and downs in the last fifteen years that I have known them. I’m fairly confident they would have presumed their roles as bridesmaids without me having to ask (although I still did, which I will write about another time). My third bridesmaid I met through work and although we don’t have as long a history as the other two, she has become one of my closest friends. It doesn’t always have to be about who you have known the longest, I really like having a mix of my old time friends from Dublin, and a friend from my new life in London. Think about who you speak to the most and whose opinions you really value, because the people you would naturally contact for advice on an outfit or call if something goes wrong are probably a good bet for reliable and caring bridesmaids. I am so delighted with my group of girls and it makes me even more excited for the day, knowing they will be there celebrating with me. They are so supportive and always positive, even when I bombard them with videos of venues and inspo photos they always give me honest opinions. I am so proud that I will have the four of them by my side.

Remember it is a completely personal decision and also depends on your personality. If you plan on doing all the wedding planning yourself or outsourcing to a planner, you just have to pick the girls you will ultimately have the best time with on the day and who you trust planning you hen. If you are planning to be a Pinterest DIY bride and plan to delegate responsibilities amongst your party, consider people that know your taste or who have similar style and also the time to take on such responsibility.

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