Since getting engaged in December last year, we have been inundated with questions from our friends and family, everything from where and when to what flowers and favours we are thinking of. I haven’t been to many weddings so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit overwhelmed at where to start. Luckily my sister has been to tons of wedding so has been on speed dial. She bought me the most gorgeous wedding planner from Kate Spade as an engagement present so I would definitely recommend any brides to be to invest in one so you can keep all your information in one place.

Like many newly engaged couples we spent the first few weeks celebrating with our friends and families and letting it all sink in. This is a really special time for the two of you as a couple where you should focus on each other, after all it’s a big step in your relationship and a time you want to cherish. Schedule a few romantic date nights together because trust me the time flies by and soon you will be in the thick of planning wishing you had taken the time to enjoy being in the engagement love bubble. When people started asking me what we had in mind for our big day I started furiously making Pinterest boards and looking up dress designers! As good as that is for figuring out what you like, we soon realised that we had to start thinking about the basics of where we wanted to get married and what time of year, as that would influence the style and choice of decor. After all there is no point in planning a pink wedding and then falling in love with a venue with a red carpet, or picturing an outdoor venue when your climate may not be suitable.

Firstly we had to discuss what country we would get married in, we had two options in our minds which was either Ireland or Montenegro. I was born and raised in Dublin, and Nemanja moved to Ireland when he was twelve. Both of our families live there, and that is where we both consider home. Montenegro was our other option due to Nemanja’s heritage. He is originally from Serbia, but his Dad’s side of the family are all from Montenegro. His parents have an apartment there, where he has spent many summers over the years. Since we have been together we have holidayed in Montenegro a number of times and I have always said how beautiful it would be to get married there. We spoke to both of our families and I stalked so many random peoples wedding photos whenever someone was tagged in an album on Facebook. Ok this might sound creepy but it was all in hopes of spotting an amazing venue ok!

Ireland has some incredible wedding venues, from hotels to stately homes and even castles. If you are considering a beautiful countryside wedding I would definitely recommend having a look at the options across Ireland. What you do have to plan for is cold weather and the possibility of rain as Ireland doesn’t have the best climate even in the summer months. Warmer weather definitely was a factor when considering a Montenegrin wedding, I think we had always liked the idea of a destination wedding so we could have a ceremony outside. The coastline in Montenegro is so beautiful and also being able to incorporate Nemanjas culture, it just seemed like the right decision.

When we discussed the guest list we both agreed that we would prefer to keep it small and intimate so again this made a destination quite appealing. Choosing a guest list is a really difficult part of planning because there is a lot of politics involved. Inviting some extended family and not others can cause rows, or even when it comes to groups of friends it’s often the case of invite everyone or no one which can be tricky. Your budget will also be a big part to play in how many you can invite as the per person cost for food and drinks eats into your overall costs very quickly! We both wanted to feel close to everyone we have there on our special day. I have heard some stories of couples spending so much time making small talk with distant relatives and parents friends that they hardly saw each other! We decided although it will mean keeping our list tighter, we feel it will be a lovely carefree day because only our nearest and dearest are going to travel abroad for our nuptials.

At the end of the day, you have to find what feels right for you. That will be completely different for every couple and that’s the beauty of it, no one wants to go to the exact same wedding over and over. Go with what works for you, fits your budget, and at the end of the day you are marrying your best friend so all the rest is just details. Enjoy all the steps of planning and don’t get too stressed. I have found myself worrying about things and then when it’s come down to it, we have just known what felt right when its come to decision time. What feels most authentic to you as a couple and shows your personality will always be best.

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