Hey guys,

I made this little intro vlog a while ago but I was too nervous to post it! It’s just a short one to get to know me in a little more detail and explain what I will be discussing on here and why I feel its so important we all share our struggles. This vlogging business is way harder than I expected so hats off to all you professionals out there that have it down to a fine art! After seeing so many people doing vlogmas it inspired me to give it a go and stop being so hard on myself. I can’t expect to be as good as people that have been doing it for years after all. Maybe one day I can figure out how not to have a horrendously unflattering screen grab as the thumbnail, but until then enjoy the funny faces! Apologies if I sound like a robot, I promise to work on better sound for future vids.

Go easy on me!

Until next time..


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