One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a Brazilian beach, apart from the amazing views of course are skimpy bikinis am I right? Brazilian bikini styles are some of the sexiest in the world and world famous for the way they are cut to enhance the curves of a woman’s body. The bikini bottom styles can vary from full thong to more modest brief style but the common denominator is they are narrower in the back than most other bikinis. This higher cut at the back showcases your rear in such a feminine way. The mentality behind showing so much skin isn’t about a good tan or sex appeal, it’s about confidence. Brazilian women embrace their curves and its the norm to show off your body on the beach and this is exactly how it should be! Size, body shape, age.. These thing shouldn’t determine how you feel in a bikini or what you can wear to the beach. I find the mindset of Brazilian women so refreshing and I think women all around the world should take note and celebrate their bodies in the same way.

I am a self confessed bikini addict and usually buy a few new swimsuits for each holiday I take. Yes.. I have a lot considering I only get to wear them a few weeks out of the year.. BUT they make me feel good so why the hell not. I like to experiment with different styles but the triangle string bikinis are my go to. I usually check out Primark, H&M, forever21, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing as these are all pretty safe bets for cute and affordable bikini’s so give them a browse if you’re going away soon. Saying this, I am always on the lookout for new brands and swimwear retailers that I can order from online as it is nice when you get something that you won’t see everyone else by the pool wearing the exact same ones. One of the models I work with invited me to an event for Sixty Ninety, a sports and swimwear brand she runs with some fellow models and when I heard Brazilian swimwear I was excited. I love to supporting growing businesses and as soon as I laid eyes on this strappy bikini I was sold.

I recently wore this on holiday in Mallorca and I would go as far as to say it is the nicest quality bikini I own. Both the top and bottoms are fully lined, the top has removable padding and metal ring detail at the front. The extra straps are very stretchy, comfortable and didn’t cut in at the sides. I felt really sexy in this bikini and cant wait to wear it again. Sixty ninety being an activewear brand have kept active women in mind when designing these, and it shows. I wouldn’t feel out of place wearing this to a fancy beach club but unlike a few bikinis that I have, you can wear this for any water sports your heart desires too. I recently had an incident with a crochet bikini, which looked great on but as soon as I went swimming soaked up half the sea and was around my ankles at the sight of any waves…not a good look! In contrast I wore this strap detail bikini on a stormy day to the beach and was happy jumping in the waves all day and I kept my decency! I also found this cut on the bottoms particularly flattering and didn’t get what I call ‘hungry bum’ where your bottoms ride up when you walk which usually happens with wider briefs for me. Sorry for the mental image there but let’s be honest, it happens!

All their bikinis are sold as separate tops and bottoms, so fear not if you usually struggle buying sets. I personally think all brands should do this. Other added bonuses are they are made of eco friendly materials and are made according to fair trade standards. 



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I urge any woman to try a Brazilian bikini, and don’t forget to wear it with the attitude that inspired its style.

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