I have been totally obsessed with skin care since suffering from acne as a teen. I was always trying new products in hopes of better skin and still to this day have no self control in Boots! I often go in for a packet of cotton buds and come out with a bag full of cosmetics! I have always been interested in researching the new products coming to the Asian markets especially. Often, new technologies appear there way before Europe! South Korea is famed for its skincare, and one ingredient that I have read about regularly is snail slime. Ok, sounds a little gross right? Well the science behind it is pretty cool!

Snail mucin, aka the slime produced by snails, is packed with nutrients! It is full of proteins, elastins, anti-microbials, copper peptides along with hyaluronic and glycolic acids, all well known for their beauty boosting properties. Snails have very soft bodies so they produce this slime to help protect themselves. The enzymes in the slime help to heal any cuts or scrapes they get from moving along rough surfaces which is key to why it is so good for our skin too! Snail mucin is hailed for supporting cell regeneration and retaining moisture levels.

When my other half went to Korea on a business trip much to my delight he came home with lots of skin care! I rant about a lot of beauty and fashion related things that I have read online or heard about from friends, which I presumed he usually zoned out for! So he won major brownie points for not only listening but spending his day off going out to source me some really great products. One of the products I was most excited to try were the snail face masks.

I have been having some hormonal breakouts recently so I was hoping the mask could help as snail filtrate is hailed for evening out skin tone and fading marks and scars as well as reducing wrinkles, yes please! I have been using the Nature Republic Snail mask once or twice a week for the last two months. You simply tone your face with your preferred toner, I used rose water and then apply the hydrogel mask! When you open the packet, the mask comes in two pieces, one for the lower half of the face and chin and one for the forehead, nose and cheeks. The mask has a gel like texture and is very refreshing to put on especially if you keep it in the fridge beforehand.

After 20 minutes you remove the gel sheets and you will notice most of the solution will have soaked into your skin and the sheet is less wet. Massage the essence that remaining essence into your face and neck.

Unlike a lot of hydrating masks I have tried, this doesn’t leave my skin oily or overly shiny afterwards. I would recommend this for anyone with normal, oily or combination skin as it leaves your skin feeling supple without causing breakouts. If your skin is prone to marks and pigmentation this is something worth trying! I noticed that dark marks from where I had spots before became less noticeable, and active spots cleared up faster after using this mask. I would recommend using this for improving the texture and to even the tone of your skin, rather than as a hydration mask. I will definitely be continuing to use this product.

You can find the Nature Republic mask here


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